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Pocket Wine app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2048 ratings )
Lifestyle Food & Drink
Developer: Wine Paradigm
Current version: 5.0.1, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 29 Oct 2010
App size: 60.43 Mb

This wine app is different. Would you like a wine app that puts you and your wines centre stage? Pocket Wine takes you on an exploration of wine styles and grape varieties by giving you an insight into wine that has taken others years to achieve. The app also provides you with a professional means to record your wine journey and manage your wine cellar. The app will automatically integrate your wines into the appropriate styles and grape varieties. As your wine repertoire grows, so will the app, and more importantly so will your knowledge and enjoyment of wine. At the end of the day, the only ratings or reviews of wine that really matter are your own. With knowledge comes understanding and after using the app for a little while every wine store you walk into will become an Aladdin’s Cave with many hidden treasures.

Please note that Pocket Wine does NOT review individual wines or try to sell you wines. The app is dedicated to maximizing your enjoyment and understanding of wine, while also providing a professional platform to record your wine experiences and manage your cellar.

• Get to know wine styles – it’s a revelation
• Gain an insight that has taken others years to achieve
• Explore the world’s most important grape varieties and blends
• Save and record your wines in a professional manner
• Master food pairing – it’s easier than you think
• Discover your personal taste profile.

Unlock the complex world of wine and download Pocket Wine today – it’s free!

• Investigate all 6 table wine styles.
• Explore 42 of the world’s most important grape varieties and blends.
• Add your wines to the app – save as many photos as you like for each wine.
• See cellar stock and value for every style, grape variety and search result.
• Search your wines by style, country, producer, retailer – any way you like.
• Find food pairing matches for hundreds of meal types.
• Access food pairing guides for all food types.
• Discover your personal taste profile and profile your friends.
• Share your wine experience with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Contacts.
• Your wines will automatically be added to the relevant grape variety.
• View your wines in standard or tiled view.
• Save your wines to Favorites and Wishlist.
• Note: you may only save a limited number of wines to the free version – upgrade and add as many as you like.

Get Pocket Wine Pro and unlock the app’s full features and potential:

Unlock All Grape Varieties
This will greatly expand your wine knowledge and understanding - there are so many fascinating grape varieties just waiting to be discovered.

Save Unlimited Number Of Wines
Add as many wines as you like – review, rate and add them to your cellar. As your repertoire grows, so will the app.

Ideal ‘Wine Collection’ Platform
Record and manage your collection in an intimate, accurate, informed and professional manner.

Add To All iOS Devices
Upgrade once and download the app to all your iOS devices – it’s designed specially for iPad as well as iPhone.

Sync and Backup
Sync across all your iOS devices and backup / restore your wine collection.

Pocket Wine is probably the best investment you can make in wine. Enjoy!

Pros and cons of Pocket Wine app for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Wine app good for

This app is amazing!!! So much info! Describes the flavour to be expected from each type of wine and includes food pairing suggestions! Search by wine style or grapes, make notes, and look up wine-related terms, all with beautiful retina display! Provides a quick and easy-to-use guide for wine lovers and people who are new to the wonderful world of wine!!! :)
This app is fantastic for all people, from the wine connoisseur to the beginner. Descriptions are easy to understand yet omit no important details. Love the mini-quiz to tell you what wine suits your taste. Large variety means that you can find the common varieties as well as the more obscure grapes. Only improvement to be made would to include more on blending wines. Other than that, a great app! Well done and worth the $!
Great app, perfect for newbies looking for a good introduction to wines without the snootiness of admitting to a connoisseur that you arent as knowledgeable as them.
for those who would want to foster their interest in wines. Just enough info to get you started, and not too much to make you confused!
This app is exactly what I needed given that I knew what "flavours" of wine I tended to like but not how to locate those same flavours when trying to select wine at a store or restaurant. The app works great (just watch the video at the devs website) and the info is written very clearly and accessibly. I even sent a question for the dev and they wrote back very soon with considered, clear, polite responses. Im impressed.
This is my favorite app and one of the best apps I know. This app works like a dictionary for so many kinds & types if wine I can find!! I have been learning a lot from this app with different types of grapes and regions, taste, style, and pronunciation of grapes etc etc. The description is nicely written, too. Also, the other helpful thing about this app is that every type of wine has suggestion of dishes / food. It helped me a lot when I was making dinner for my guests the other day. Thank you for the great app! :-)

Some bad moments

Id like more than a summary of the wikipedia page on wine. How about a camera function in order to categorize and classify previously tasted wines via pictures, a search function? Plain vague basics are not an application. This is not a tool in any way, its an intro book -read apps content once, youll know the stuff, and you can delete it
Im super disappointed :( I paid $3.99 for this App. It crashes EVERY TIME I click on anything other then my tastes. I was hoping to learn a thing or two about wine. Instead it seems I learned just because I pay for it does not mean its going to work. Jan. 4 2013. Still waiting on a response to my email. App still crashes. Do not pay for this. You will regret it.
... Unless you are willing to lose all your notes when they do an upgrade! Thats what happened to me when they upgraded my ap to this current version.
Lost all my wine notes with this new update! Although there may be lots of "enhancements" with the update, Id sure love to have all my notes back!!!